3 Amazing Autumn Experiences For Your Child On The Autism Spectrum

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For many residents of Northeast Ohio, fall is the best time of year.  We are fortunate to have beautiful foliage that changes colors and although we know that the winter snow is near, it’s nice to have a transition from the summer sun to the ski slopes.

Autumn can be a wonderful season for kids on the Autism spectrum as well.  Sensory stimulation is so important to development, and there is plenty to take in around this time of year.

Here are some keys to helping your child on the spectrum get the most out of the fall season:

  1. Get out and enjoy the leaves.Driving by the leaves is great, but if your child isn’t playing in the leaves, he or she is missing out on some great sensory opportunities.  Leaves smell terrific.  Leaves feel amazing.  Leaves sound stupendous.  Don’t miss the chance to let your child enjoy all of those sensations.
  2. Do some yard work.Kids on the spectrum love structure and accomplishing tasks.  If you have a huge property and need to rake, try breaking the job into smaller, more attainable goals.  Start with a small section, take a break to enjoy some leaves, and then move on to the next task. And always remember to let the praise pile up higher than the leaves do! Reinforcing positive behavior is key to behavioral development.
  3. Find a hayride.Hayrides pop up all over Northeast Ohio and they can be a great place to find activities to stimulate the senses.  The ride itself may not be something your child enjoys, but that’s only part of the fun.  Many times there are giant sandboxes filled with corn to play in, as an example.  What a great tactile sensation.  There are often opportunities to see some animals, and even sitting on a big stack of hay bales can be a unique experience. Lots of great chances for social skill training too!

Peak Potential Therapy believes that growth and development can happen anywhere.  Our approach is to take the learning where your child will benefit the most, so if that means in school therapy, or therapy around your home this fall, we’ll develop a program to help your child get the most out of this autumn, and the most out of life!  Contact us today, and find out how Peak Potential Therapy can change the way your child sees the world.