“After further consideration, my husband and I think Abby is on such a path that is unstoppable and is so amazing. She is hitting 95% on almost all of her IEP goals at school and feel that she no longer needs the private speech therapy. I would like to THANK YOU for giving Abby such a great experience in speech therapy and helping her grow to who she is now. We surely couldn’t have gotten this far without you. If we notice any change in Abby I will surely know who to reach out to. Thank you again!!”

Colton loves it there. I offered the Cleveland Children’s Museum as an option to use the funds, and he picked going to Peak Potential over it!”

“My son truly loved S.M.I.L.E. camp and looked forward to each outing with great excitement. The weekly visual schedule was the first thing he checked every morning. Thank you for providing a camp with so many fun elements – he certainly worked hard on his goals this summer and had a lot of fun doing it!”

“We couldn’t be happier with Ryan’s progress and are excited about 1st grade! We are so thankful for all of the therapists and teachers in his life who have helped him (and us) get through this mystery called autism!”

“I am utterly impressed with how well S.M.I.L.E. Summer Camp is being run. Dylan doesn’t always take well to people, but he is up and ready each morning smiling. That never happens. He has meshed so well with Matt. It is comforting to see such a fantastic male presence at your facility. Dylan’s mind is at ease knowing that he gets to hang with his friend Simon and his buddy, Mr. Matt.”

“We are so grateful for Miss Jackie at Peak Potential. This month and all year long! Thanks for all you’ve done for Benny!”

“Peak Potential Therapy has great programs. My son works with Hannah from Peak once a week in our home, where we also homeschool. She is very passionate about the children that she works with!”

“Brenden has truly made a lot of progress in just 3 months. A key to that has been your resourcefulness and skill in dealing with Brenden’s sensory needs and outbursts. Also, private therapy is teaching me, and in turn my family, effective ways of dealing with and teaching Brenden. Kudos to you for all that you have done for Brenden and in turn my family.”

“I spent literally months and months trying to find the best therapist for my toddler. I knew it was important for him to be able to build a relationship with his therapist(s) or we would be wasting time and money and my son would not progress if he was not comfortable. We have been working with Peak Potential for about 7 months now, and my son has improved in more ways than we could hope for. He is so comfortable with his therapist as she is with him, so she has reasonable expectations and pushes him to his capabilities. We were told a year ago that my son would not speak by one of his doctors. Now, he has a vocabulary of at least 50 or more words – with word recognition and now adding two-word phrases. He can sign and say things we never expected. We are amazed daily with the progression he has made! I have found the therapists at Peak to be a blessing, just when I was ready to give up they have proved to be more than worth every mile driven and every dollar spent.”

“We love you Miss Jackie and everybody at Peak Potential Therapy! Benny is immensely happier because of you!”

“My son Langston has improved a great deal since starting his sessions with Ms. Jackie back in January. He gets so excited when he knows it is time for his session. I could not have chosen a better place for him. Thank you Peak Potential!”

“Before Patrick began working with Holly, he could only say three words. We thought he would never talk like other children his age. After a year of speech therapy, he now has a vocabulary of over three hundred words and sentences. His self-confidence has also improved. I cannot begin to imagine where we would be now without her help.”

“Having Holly as a therapist has created a wonderful addition to James’ therapy schedule. In the time that she has worked with him, he has learned to chew his food, drink from a straw and do some sign language. Holly also deals well with my three-year-old daughter, who can be distracting. Thank you for all that you do!”

“The progress our son has made during the past year has been amazing to us. At the age of two, he was not speaking at all. Since working with Holly Reimann, he has progressed from saying one and two words to saying sentences! In addition, his expressive language scores have improved by over 30%. We are truly amazed at his progress and the direction, guidance and encouragement Holly provides on a weekly basis.”

“Holly is amazing in her understanding & relating to my child who has been diagnosed with verbal Apraxia. He is thirteen and still enjoys, and even looks forward to, his speech session. My ten-year-old son (who doesn’t have special needs) said, “I love when Brendan has speech.” I said, “Oh year, why?” He said, “Cause I really like Holly.” She is extremely easy for everyone to be around…a breath of fresh air. Not to mention how talented she is at getting the sounds to come out correctly. We love Holly!”

“Holly Reimann has been working with our daughter, Lauren, for almost 2 years. During this time she has made an incredible difference in her communication and speech-language development. Holly is patient, loving, understanding, professional, and dedicated. She is always coming up with new and innovative ways to motivate Lauren and push her to the next level. When Lauren began seeing Holly she really has no true form of communication. Lauren can now use sign language for most of her communication needs as well as approximate some words. We are so proud of Lauren and can not thank Holly enough for all she has done. Lauren truly loves her Ms. Holly…she is the best!”

“We are going to miss you all too so much. 😫 You all have impacted our lives in such a positive way. For that, we will always be grateful. We will keep in touch. […] Thank you Holly for all you have done for our family. You are truly appreciated. Please take care and keep making a difference in this community.”

“Thank you for yet another amazing camp experience for our son. I know he had/has his moments- and I remain grateful for all that you and the camp staff do to teach him. Thank you for providing such meaningful opportunities to have a fun and safe summer, filled with structure and adventures.”

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