Our Approach

Using Research & Experience as the Base of Treatment

Peak Potential Therapy is based on both research and years of experience in treating children with disabilities, such as autism. We do not believe that a single particular program will meet the needs of all children. We work with children, teens, and young adults with various disabilities. We are able to develop effective programs when our therapists observe and interact with a child. That child will show what he or she needs in order to learn. Our organization supports early, intensive, and consistent therapy for children because research clearly supports improved outcomes with early and intensive services.

It is important to utilize a knowledge base of a variety of theories and models to provide a customized treatment for every child. We base our therapy services on the following scientific research-supported techniques:

Speech-language disorders, Down Syndrome:

  • Developmental Theory
  • Holistic Theory, a theory that stresses the importance of looking at the whole child during therapy, not just oral motor structures
  • SCERTS® Model
  • Gestalt Cycle of Experience Theory
  • Information Processing Sensory Integration Theory
  • Metacognitive Theory
  • Positive Behavioral Supports
  • Social Pragmatic Theory – a theory in which social interaction is believed to be essential for language development
  • Theories of The Explosive Child by Ross Greene, Ph.D.


  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • SLP services

Holistic Child and Family-Centered Approach

Our goal is to provide an approach to therapy that is best for your child and you.

Many of the most pressing issues for the children we serve and their families are centered on home routines. For example, does your child have difficulty getting dressed at an age-appropriate level of independence? There is no better place to address this than in your child’s own home. Or, does your child need to work on communicating with siblings? We can facilitate that interaction in its most natural setting: your home.

In addition to seeing children at home, we go to children’s daycare centers, private schools, or after-care programs for therapy sessions. We have even been known to accompany our clients to birthday parties, play dates, the library, or the park. In addition, there are children who, for various reasons, benefit more from a clinic-type setting. Whether it is a need for specialized equipment or the structure of being in “someone else’s yard” to play, we can meet this requirement at our Peak Potential Therapy Center in Northfield.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged and supported to be active participants throughout the therapeutic process. We provide training during therapy to parents, in order that they learn how to use effective therapeutic supports anywhere they are. Through this method, the child is supported by the parents and the therapist in the same therapeutic manner, so the child can learn to communicate and emotionally regulate him or herself independently. These skills are regarded as foundations for the development of academic and social skills.

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