Early Intervention Quiz

How well does your toddler talk? Yes or No?

21 Months

  • My child uses at least 25 words
  • My child uses at least 5 different consonant sounds in his/her words, like m, n, b, d, & g
  • My child copies words that I say
  • My child can point to some body parts when I ask him/her to
  • My child can play by pretending to feed dolls or stuffed animals

24 Months

  • My child uses at least 50 words
  • My child can combine words together, like “want bottle” or “mommy go outside”
  • My child can point to pictures in books when I name them, and will listen to simple stories
  • My child is interested in other children. He/she likes to watch other children and play with them rather than being alone
  • My child can follow a 2 part direction like, “Get your shoes and put them by the door”

If you have answered “NO” for one or more of the items above, your child may be at risk for language, learning, or reading problems later. Peak Potential Therapy can help! Please call our office so we can meet your child and answer questions you might have.


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