Partners & Resources

Welcome to the virtual gateway to products and services from Peak Potential Therapy’s business partners! We have teamed up with some of the greatest partners in the world of Special Needs to bring to you products and services you want and need.

We encourage you to visit all our partners. You’ll be amazed by what’s available at your fingertips through Peak Potential Therapy’s business partners. We take great pride in that we only endorse the highest quality products and services. Please rest assured that all organizations listed have been carefully reviewed.


Local Partners

Founded in 2003, Milestones Autism Resources improves the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by educating, coaching, and connecting the autism community of Northeast Ohio with evidence-based information. Milestones focuses on life-long strategies for success at school, home, the community, and the workplace. Call (216) 464-7600 or visit.

Ken Vinikoff is a financial professional and co-founder of Common Goal Financial. He is experienced and well-trained in understanding various products and strategies available to clients with children with disabilities. His expertise is passed on to clients in an easy-to-understand, plain language. Call Ken at (216) 264 4379 or visit.

Club Recharge is a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provider, which is the medical use of oxygen at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, usually 2–3 ATA. The equipment required consists of a pressure chamber and a means of delivering 100% oxygen to body cells. HBOT enhances the body’s natural healing process by raising the oxygen level in the patient’s bloodstream up to seventeen times above normal, which helps control infections and promote healing in many kinds of illness or injury, ranging from physical trauma to neurological disorders. Call Robert at (440) 567-1146 or visit.


National Partners

  • Autism Parenting Magazine is the leading magazine for parents of autistic children as well as professionals seeking to work with children on the spectrum. Established in 2012, our focus remains on objectively publishing autism-related topics, events, developments, treatments, and news stories. We also cover a variety of inspiring real-life stories to help parents make informed decisions and keep them updated on the latest therapeutic and treatment options. Get your free issue today click.

  • Fun and Function is committed to providing affordable, educational, and therapeutic toys and equipment for children with special needs. They offer a large selection of AFFORDABLE educational & developmental toys, sensory integration products, hard-to-find specialty toys, equipment, and resources to therapists, schools & families. Get $5 off your first order by entering this coupon code at checkout – CERD%
  • Model Me Kids® videos demonstrate social skills by modeling peer behavior at school, on a playdate, at a birthday party, on the playground, at a library, restaurant, and more. Real children model and narrate each skill.  A study by the Cleveland Clinic shows rates of improvement in social competence and of decreased antisocial behavior using the Model Me Kids social skills training curricula in children and youth ages 5-18.  Take advantage of these fantastic resources by clicking here.
  • Time4Learning  Children with ADHD, often require shorter lessons and untimed tests. Children with Down syndrome may need accommodations for reading, writing, and testing. Dyslexic students often benefit from visual aids, assistive technology, and books on tape. Homeschooling can be incredibly beneficial for many special needs children. Parents who have been battling the school system for a curriculum adaptation for special needs or the ability to dictate their answers to a scribe often feel like their time could be better spent.  They may start to ask themselves, “Can I homeschool my special needs child?” The answer, of course, is a resounding, “Yes!”
  • Cerebral Palsy Guide  This organization provides free educational materials, financial resources, and support options for families affected by this condition and other birth injuries. Aside from the information provided about cerebral palsy and treatment, they also offer assistance in finding financial help to cover the extra costs that come with raising a child with CP. Their friendly and knowledgeable support team can help you find doctors and therapists in your area that are ready to help your child live a life full of happiness.


Articles & Guides

  • A financial guide: Helping your child with a disability become a financially secure adult Parents and guardians with a child with a disability often research and ask how they can ensure their child has the best life possible – not only now, but after they transition into adulthood. Experts created a financial guide that breaks down the exact steps parents need to take before and after their child turns 18 years to promote and support an adult child’s independence and financial future. This guide breaks down how to set up tools, trusts and resources that help provide a child with long-term financial security, even if they are unable to earn a living on their own. Read this guide today click.
  • Home improvements for people with disabilities A guide with essential information on how disabled individuals and the elderly can find funding for home improvements. It breaks down all the essential information about home modifications and finding the necessary financial assistance. Read this guide here click.