3 Things to Know About Online Speech Therapy

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At Peak Potential Therapy, we feel very strongly that any child or young adult in need of speech-language therapy should have access to working with an experienced specialist, regardless of his or her proximity to a specific center or office building. That’s why Peak Potential Therapy is licensed to practice online speech therapy in the state of Ohio. We can now work with children online whether they live close to our Twinsburg center but are homebound, they live outside of our immediate service area, perhaps in Ashtabula, Warren, or Canton, or they live as far away as Southeast, Southwest, or Northwest Ohio. If you live in the state of Ohio and are seeking a clinical speech therapist professional where you live, the team at Peak Potential Therapy is now an option for you and your child.

Many parents have questions about how online speech therapy programs work and whether online speech therapy has the same effectiveness as an in-person session. Here are three things we want you to know about the online speech therapy services provided by Peak Potential Therapy in Ohio:

  1. Online speech therapy treats the same speech, language, and fluency disorders as our in-person speech therapy sessions do. We practice online speech therapy with children who have difficulty making speech sounds, have problems with language understanding and expression, or have disfluency, apraxia or other delays.
  2. The quality of online speech therapy programs is the same as in-person therapy. We use video communication tools—similar to Skype or FaceTime—through an interactive webinar platform to engage and interact with your child. We can digitally post worksheets and games through the platform.
  3. Every child, whether we work with him or her online or in-person, receives the same degree of care and attention from our therapists. The only difference is that instead of sitting across from each other in person, we are “virtually” sitting across from each other using a computer!

If you are curious about our online speech therapy services, please do not hesitate to give us a call to speak with Holly or another member of our team. We’re happy to answer your questions.