3 Ways to Decrease Your Thanksgiving Stress

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While Thanksgiving is supposed to be a happy, relaxed time of the year, the reality is that the holidays can cause a great deal of stress for parents of kids with special needs.  The pressure of dealing with the needs of the holidays, in addition to making sure that your child has all of the resources they need to be comfortable, can be overwhelming.  There are ways to decrease your Thanksgiving stress.  Here are just three to consider:

  1. Try yoga.  Yoga can be a great way to decrease your stress and increase your fitness level.  From deep breathing exercises to balancing poses, the practice of yoga can bring even the most stressed parent down a few notches.  Even if you only have five minutes, you can take time to breathe deeply and sit quietly.  The action of taking a deep breath reminds your nervous system that you are not in danger and will help you to think more clearly.  Many churches, fitness facilities and even local community centers now offer weekly yoga classes if you aren’t familiar with the practice.
  1. Press pause.  Quickly reacting to a situation means that you may not only make a bad decision, but may do it in a way that does more damage than good.  Typical of someone who is stressed, there is a better way.  Press pause.  Take a moment before making a decision or reacting to a situation to take a deep breath and think carefully.  By making this a habit, you can ensure that your family stays as peaceful as possible during all of the seasons of the year, not just Thanksgiving.
  1. Talk it out.  Having a child with special needs brings challenges that other families simply can’t understand.  Knowing that is important so that you can find the support that you need to navigate the holidays.  You don’t have to be isolated.  Talk to your child’s doctor or therapist and get names of support groups, non-profits and other parent groups that work with the parents of kids with special needs.

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