4 Fun Summertime Activities for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

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Summertime is full of fun, relaxing activities and some much-needed free time for your child. But for a child on the autism spectrum, leaving the routine and consistency that school provides can be a tough transition. The best way to help your child adjust to summer is by setting a summer schedule that includes some activities that you know they will enjoy. Here are some great ideas for activities that you can incorporate into your summer routine that also provide learning and social skill-building opportunities:

  1. Create some fun water games.
    Sometimes the best way to “chill out” in the summer is with some refreshing water activities. From filling up water balloons for a toss to playing in a sprinkler, water provides some tactile stimulation while providing opportunities to socialize with other children.
  2. Go to a movie.
    When the sun is high, and the temperature is up, sometimes the cool environment that a movie theater provides is the perfect escape. Your child will have great social opportunities as well, from talking to the ticket taker to ordering a snack, there are many chances to practice verbal exercise and cue awareness.
  3. Set up an arts and crafts station.
    Whether you do it inside or outside, having an area specifically designed for creativity will give your child a chance to express non-verbally with their projects, and then verbally as they describe what they’ve made. It’s not about a specific project – just provide the supplies and see where their imagination will take them.
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt.
    Imagine the fun of going on a scavenger hunt in the park on a bright sunny day. You do all sorts of learning adaptions, from finding items in a certain shape to finding a certain number of items. There are many great ways to use this fun activity as a way to learn.

If you are looking to keep your child’s development going over the summer, remember that at Peak Potential Therapy, our ABA therapy sessions and speech-language therapy sessions run all summer long and all year long.  We’ve also got exciting summer camp opportunities to make sure that our clients are enjoying their summer and moving in the right direction developmentally.  To learn more about summer activities at Peak Potential Therapy, contact us today!

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