ABA for Autism

Therapies and Resources for Children with Autism & Families

Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) has become one of the most common therapies for autism.  If you are considering ABA therapy for your child, there are some things to know before you commit to the process.

ABA is a safe and effective therapy. ABA is well recognized as a safe and effective therapy for children with autism.  It is a highly structured program that is centered on skill acquisition, such as toileting, getting dressed and brushing teeth.

ABA helps to develop skills. Through an ABA program, patients can develop basic skills such as listening and imitating.  Other, more complex skills include reading, conversation and social communication and cues.ABA Therapy

ABA is focused on behaviors. ABA therapy is not focused on the “why” something is done, it is simply focused on getting the correct response.  This is taught by rewarding good behaviors and eliminating negative responses.

ABA is comprehensive. Prior to beginning therapy, a certified ABA therapist will create a detailed curriculum. Behaviors are broken down step by step for every type of behavior, including the development of language skills and self-care.

ABA can take kids mainstream. With the focus on creating behaviors, it is possible for some kids to be mainstreamed in their school district.

While ABA can be very effective for many kids, like every therapy it has limits. ABA is ideal for creating behavioral responses, but does not take into account a child’s desires. For that reason, Peak Potential Therapy uses a hybrid Behavior Therapy model that incorporates Floortime which recognizes a child’s unique personality and wants.

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