April Is Autism Awareness Month: How Can You Help?

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autism awareness puzzle piece

According to a report from the CDC in 2018, approximately 1 in every 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). April is set aside as a month to help raise awareness for these children and to show support for the many families affected. By becoming educated and staying informed, it can help with early diagnosis and worldwide acceptance.

Understanding Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex developmental disability. Signs usually start appearing as early as the age of 2, but most cases are diagnosed by age 4. Early identification and intervention offer children with special needs the best chance at healthy development and lifelong benefits.

Some of the common symptoms associated with ASD include:

• Delay in speech or lack of language skills

• Repetitive language use or mannerisms

• Little to no eye contact

• No interest or struggle in developing relationships with peers

• Inability to act spontaneously or use imagination

• Difficulty in imitating

The spotlight shining on the growing occurrence of autism around the world has created opportunities for individuals to show support for families facing the lifetime challenges associated with the disorder. By recognizing these symptoms and creating an atmosphere of acceptance, parents can find the support and encouragement they need outside of the home.

Celebrating and Embracing Autism

World Autism Day is celebrated on April 2nd internationally. The goal of this day each year is for the Member States of the United Nations to take action and raise awareness for the many people with autism around the world. By fostering an environment of support, acceptance, and early diagnosis, it can lead to improved outcomes for these individuals.

Some of the unique traits of people with autism are what makes them so special. By recognizing and praising these positive features of autism, it can lead to greater acceptance and a higher quality of life for these individuals. It is important that those with ASD get praise and recognition for their unique gifts and talents.

Some of these valuable features include:

• Thoughtfulness and attention to detail

• Unique thought processes that push the boundaries and lead to innovative solutions

• A high level of expertise in certain areas of interest

• Honesty, loyalty, and integrity

• A unique approach to expressing ideas

• Impressive long-term memory

• Acceptance of other people’s differences

How You Can Show Support for Autism

As ASD continues to affect families worldwide, it’s important that everyone does their part to foster awareness, inclusion, and support. Make it your goal to support these individuals and help them achieve the highest quality of life. Join the world in celebrating Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Day by displaying the Autism Awareness ribbon, and drawing attention to the growing number of families facing an ASD diagnosis every year.

autism awareness ribbonThe Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is made up of multi colors to represent the diversity of the disorder and the puzzle pieces to represent the complexity of the condition. The puzzle ribbon was adopted in 1999 as the universal sign for autism awareness.

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