Autism Resource for Families: Ask an Autistic

Therapies and Resources for Children with Autism & Families

At Peak Potential Therapy, we care deeply about our clients and their success, beyond the hours of a therapy session.

We are always looking for resources and tools that may aid families and provide helpful advice and insights. Recently, we had a parent who was struggling with her son’s sensory aversions to food, which made mealtime a stressful situation. One of our therapists found the “Ask an Autistic” YouTube channel of Amythest Shaber, a young woman who regularly responds to questions about living with autism. We shared one of Amythest’s videos, titled “Ask an Autistic – What Is Sensory Processing Disorder?” with the parent, hoping it might shed some light on her son. The parent responded that the video really helped her put her son’s approach to food in perspective.

We wanted to share this video and Amythest’s channel here as well, as it may be a useful resource and source of information for other parents and family members of a child with autism.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Peak Potential Therapy. We are here to help and offer whatever guidance and support we can.