Back to School for Kids with Autism

Therapies and Resources for Children with Autism & Families

The transition between summer schedules and going back to school can be hard on any family, but especially those with kids with special needs.  The stress of resuming a regular schedule can cause conflict and tension for individual kids, siblings and parents.  Here are just a few tips to make sure that the first few weeks back are as stress-free as possible:

  • Let them know ahead of time.  As with any major change in the schedule, family members benefit from understanding what is going on.  For kids with autism, this is particularly true.  Not only can you discuss the upcoming start of school, days off or changes to their schedule with them, but if your child is in speech therapy for autism in Akron, ask the therapist to mention it as well.  Hearing it from multiple sources can help it to seem more familiar.
  • Continue with the services that are working.  Whether your child is seeing an applied behavior analysis therapist in Cleveland or attending classes in speech therapy for kids, if they are working well, try to keep them going as long as possible.  Consistency is key for kids with autism.
  • Help them remember what they love about school.  Whether your child has a favorite class – say art or going to the library – stress that those activities will still be there when they return to school and will be there throughout the school year.  Their love of these activities can also be what helps them to connect with other kids in a social setting.
  • Reconnect with the school.  The change back to the school year means renewing your connection with the school.  Take the time to stop in, email or call your child’s team members to say hello and let them know you are looking forward to working with them.

The transition back to school for kids with autism can be a real challenge, but one that can be managed.  Call Peak Potential Therapy for more transition ideas today! Call (330) 748-0389!