Balancing Technology During Playtime

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Technology is everywhere today: Our children have access to countless screens, whether it is through games on smartphones, tablets, computers and television. Can too much technology during playtime be harmful for our children? There is no definitive right or wrong answer, and every child is unique. However, it is generally a good idea to aim for a balance in the time your child spends using technology and engaged in more traditional play. Here are some ideas for ensuring your child is balancing his or her screen time with a variety of playtime activities:

  • Set up an at-home library. Books are a great way to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. You may even involve your child in selecting new books each week from the local library.
  • Create an area for puzzles. On a desk or table, set out a puzzle that your family can work on together. Puzzles are not only fun, but they help teach basic concepts like sequence, numbers, and letters, as well as fine motor skills.
  • Reintroduce board games and card games. Rather than a family game night with video games, include your child in playing a classic board game. There are many benefits to board games, including practicing important skills like following directions, taking turns, and discussing emotions, such as how you might feel if you win or lose the game.
  • Engage in the arts. Whether it is drawing and coloring or singing and dancing, the arts provide many wonderful opportunities for your child. Introduce your child to various activities and observe their interest and engagement. Perhaps your child may enjoy designated time for coloring, or have fun singing songs together. Depending on your child’s age, you may also introduce them to playing an instrument.

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