Do You Have Immediate Openings at Peak Potential Therapy?



Yes, we have immediate openings at Peak Potential Therapy. We are happy to meet with new families as needs arise.

We believe in the importance of early, intensive and consistent therapy for children because research clearly shows improved outcomes with early and intensive services. Therefore, we typically schedule the first appointment within two weeks of being contacted.

The first appointment we schedule with families is our intake session. We use this time to fill out the necessary paperwork and get an introduction to your family. We learn all we can about you as parents and about your child. We are able to better develop effective programs when our therapists observe and interact with a child.

Within a week of the initial meeting, we schedule the evaluation and treatment sessions where we begin to interact and learn about your child’s specific needs. We utilize a knowledge base of a variety of theories and models to provide customized treatment for every child. Learn more about our approach.

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