Funding Sources to Help You Pay for Your Child’s Therapy

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Speech therapy sounds great.

But how can I afford it?

One of the most common questions that we get here at Peak Potential Therapy is “will my insurance cover the therapy?” In some cases, insurance will be enough. In other cases, you might need some additional resources to help curb the impact of the expenses. At Peak Potential Therapy, we work with our families to find multiple sources to help with funding for our services. The primary sources are insurance, grants, and autism scholarships. Here are some things to note about each source:


Insurance doesn’t always cover all expenses regarding speech and behavioral therapy, but it is important to look into what kind of coverage your insurance policy offers. Understand all requirements and follow all of their rules when applying for coverage. Get a medical diagnosis from your doctor – it can be impossible to get coverage without it. Be prepared for a denial of coverage. This is not the last step – there are appeal processes in place, and you might go through a few denials before the ultimate approval, so be patient and vigilant.


Our website has an extensive list of grants that are available for our clients. The application and approval process can vary, but it’s common for a client to qualify for multiple grants to help cover the therapy they need. Care Credit is also available to supplement the expenses not covered by insurance or grants. We are always willing to assist in the process.


The Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship offers clients (ages 5-22) up to $27,000 to help pay for services listed on the IEP. Applications are accepted throughout the year. For individuals whose disability category on the ETR indicates autism, are 3 to 22 years of age, who are not attending public school, and who have an IEP, then the Autism Scholarship Program ensures that you are “guaranteed” to receive the $27,000/year. There are other scholarships listed in our resource guide as well.

The bottom line is that when you are faced with the prospect of paying for therapy, it can be unsettling, but there is help available. You are not alone. We talk to people just like you every day, and we help them find the resources they need to provide their children with life-changing therapy. Contact Peak Potential Therapy today and let us know how we can help you get your child the therapy they need!

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