How Do I Get Started with Services?



Here’s How to Get Started with Services at Peak Potential Therapy

You’ve done your research, and you know that you want to help your child. Maybe you took our early intervention quiz and found that it described what’s happening in your home, and you want to take action early to help find solutions before issues become more severe. Peak Potential Therapy has helped hundreds of Northeastern Ohio families just like yours with speech and behavior therapies using our proven strategies and methods. Now, it’s time to move forward. It’s time to work towards solutions!

Here are the next few steps in a process that will be life-changing and fruitful. It starts at Peak Potential Therapy. And, it ends with a better quality of life for your child and your entire family:

Step One: Intake Session
An intake session is a way for us to get a better understanding of the child with which we will be working. This session allows us to get a better picture of what kinds of symptoms are occurring, how long they’ve been going on, and if they have gotten worse since the first time they appeared. This is the building block from which we will be moving forward with treatments and therapies.

Step Two: Evaluation, if Necessary
Sometimes a child comes to us after having already undergone an evaluation. Other times, we need to get some preliminary information to get started with our process. During the evaluation, we will complete a language or behavior assessment, and then, after analyzing the scores, we can come up with a treatment plan. We will look to prove medical necessity for treatment by determining if your child qualifies for services and/or find your child’s strengths and needs. Once we have all of that information, we can determine a starting point, of course using input from the family.

Step Three: Treatment Plan
The treatment plan is prepared with assistance from the parents and the child, so we can identify some of the goals that the family would like to target through treatment. It takes input from everyone involved to make sure that the treatment is effective!

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact Peak Potential Therapy today, and let’s figure out what we can do to help your child reach their Peak Potential!

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