How to Make Halloween A Treat For Your Child On The Autism Spectrum

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Halloween and Trick-Or-Treating can be an absolutely wonderful and fun experience. But for children on the autism spectrum it can be overwhelming, and in some cases, terrifying and disorienting.  Does this mean that your child shouldn’t be able to participate in the festivities?  Not necessarily.

As with many activities, a little pre-planning and preparation goes a long way towards turning the night into a great experience for your child on the spectrum!  Here are some tips to make trick-or-treat night memorable for all of the right reasons:

  • Create some visual aids to let your kids know what to expect.

Children on the autism spectrum tend to understand concepts better when they see them, rather than when they just hear them.  Make a storyboard or have your child help you make a poster that shows what trick-or-treat is all about before you head out for candy.

  • Practice makes perfect.

Don’t wait until trick-or-treat night to go through the process of going door to door.  Schedule a dry run the day before and practice going to the neighbor’s house and ringing the doorbell without all of the other kids in costume around to create a distraction.  Familiarity will breed confidence when it comes to the real thing.

  • Costumes aren’t for everybody.

If clothing is a problem on a normal day, there’s no reason to think they won’t be an issue on Halloween.  Start with a simple costume that can be added to regular clothes.  Perhaps just a different hat or a police badge, as examples, might be enough to get the point of a costume across.  If your child wants to try a costume out, have them wear it around the house in small increments leading up to Halloween so they can get used to it.  If your child is adamant about not wearing a costume, don’t force it.

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