Kids with Autism Do Go to College

Therapies and Resources for Children with Autism & Families

For many families, the diagnosis of autism means that their child will never go to college.  With improved access to speech therapy for kids in the Cleveland and Akron area, that is no longer a foregone conclusion.  New therapies as well as better management at college mean that many kids with high functioning types of autism can go on to have very successful careers in college.

Peak Potential College StudentThe key for many of these children is to get them started in speech therapy for children with autism at an early stage.  Adding speech therapy for kids along with other therapies can help children with high functioning autism develop the skills they need to succeed in university environments.  While in elementary and high school, most kids benefit from an IEP system that allows parents, the child and professionals to work together to ensure that the child gets the most out of their educational experience.  Now, colleges and universities are exploring ways to replicate a similar system at the college level, offering campus-wide support.

While more and more kids with autism are having success at the college level, parents, friends and educators still need to be aware of negative outcomes for kids who may give college a try.  College can be a time for other issues to emerge and this is no different for kids who fall within the autism spectrum.  In fact, kids with a form of autism who do decide to attend college may be more likely to develop depression and anxiety.  The pressure of school and the social nature of the experience may also cause them to drop out rather than finishing their degree.

Knowing this, students need to be honest with themselves and understand that they can succeed at college if they deal with the challenges to their executive functioning capacity.  Getting additional help, talking to college advisors and even considering online coursework may all be options for kids who want to go to college.

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