Our Clients Created Their Own Cartoon at the Twinsburg Library

Therapies and Resources for Children with Autism & Families

Several of our clients recently had a wonderful time learning about the digital animation process at the Twinsburg Library, where we created our very own cartoon! Using the resources in the Library’s Creative Lab—which has a variety of hardware and software programs available to the public—Miss Shannon spent time every Monday teaching our group about digital animation through a program called Moovly. The project was an incredible opportunity for our teens to practice their teamwork and collaboration skills while trying something completely new—and fun!

During the project, we learned how to take pictures in front of a green screen, edit and incorporate people into the cartoon, as well as learned about copyright usage laws. As a group, we spent five 2-hour long sessions to make a 3-minute cartoon, doing all the work including creating the plot, animation, voice recordings of our script and the editing.

You can download and watch our finished Mario cartoon here.

Great job teens and thanks again to Miss Shannon and the Twinsburg Library!