Preparing Your Child For Summer Camp

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Day camp is a wonderful way for children with autism to have a productive summer—while also having fun! During summer camps, your child will be able to interact with their peers, building and strengthening social skills and engaging in extracurricular activities. There are several steps you can take to prepare your child to have a positive summer camp experience.

Introduce your child to peer interactions. If your child is hesitant to participate in social experiences with his or her peers, arriving at camp may be overwhelming. It is important to ease your child into peer situations by attending activities such as a library store time or a small play group. This gives your child an opportunity to practice interacting with peers.

Visit a playground. A playground is an ideal place to practice active play, as well as essential skills such as waiting for a turn to use a swing or go down a slide.

Take your child to a swimming pool. Summer camp will often include water-based recreational activities, from swimming to playing at a water table. It is a good idea to help your child get used to being around water. You may also consider whether your child would benefit from swimming lessons.

Talk to your child about expected behavior during summer camp. Role play expected behaviors for sharing, taking turns, and following directions. This will help prepare your child for the expectations of their behavior when they are at camp.

Help your child set goals for summer camp. Talk to your child regularly about their upcoming camp experience and help them identify small goals to accomplish while they are there, such as trying a new activity or making a friend.

Peak Potential Therapy offers several summer camp opportunities for your child.

If you have questions about whether your child would benefit from summer camp, or you are interested in any of the summer camps offered by Peak Potential Therapy, call today. We will help you identify the right opportunity for your child.