Screening Quiz – 2 Years

Speech-Language Skills

  • Follows directions without cues, such as, “give me the cup.”
  • Identifies at least 4 body parts
  • Plays appropriately with blocks, cars, spoons and baby dolls
  • Points to 4 pictures in a book when named
  • Uses 50 vocabulary words
  • Refers to him/herself by name
  • Starts to put 2 words together, “more cookie” or “mama go”

*Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist if the child has less than 5 items apply

Feeding/Dysphagia Skills

  • Consuming Liquids in a sippy cup and/or regular cup
  • Consuming a variety of sandwiches, meats, vegetables
  • Eats at least 10 different foods

*Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist if any items above don’t apply.

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