Screening Quiz – 3 Years

Speech-Language Skills

  • Follows 2-step directions without cues, “put the ball in and close the lid”
  • Points to at least 3 clothing items on self or others
  • Understands objects by use “show me something you put on your feet.”
  • Uses 100-300 words
  • Enjoys listening to stories and/or songs
  • Answers where questions, “where is Daddy?”
  • Uses verb + -ing words, “sleeping, eating, playing”
  • Combines 3 words together, “I got it” or “Mama go in.”
  • Asks questions, “Where are you?” or “What’s that?”

*Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist if less than 7 items apply.


Can the child produce each of the following sounds correctly?

  • m as in “my”
  • t as in “two”
  • p as in “pop”
  • b as in “baby”
  • w as in “we”
  • h as in “hi”

*Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist if less than 4 items apply.

Feeding/Dysphagia Skills

  • Consuming a variety of meats, vegetables, fruits, and liquids
  • Eats at least 10 different foods

*Refer to a Speech-Language Pathologist if any items aren’t accurate.

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