Robots Helping Children with Autism Navigate Social Situations

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Socializing with robots may sound unusual, but George Washington University researchers have been helping children with autism do just that. Interactive, humanoid robots are able to communicate with children on the autism spectrum, analyze their actions and respond in ways that reinforce the child’s social skills.

Kevin Pelphrey, the director of the Autism and Neurodevelopment Disorders Institute at George Washington University and the parent of a child with autism, writes:

“These robots engage children socially in a safe setting, providing practice in social skills. They also may enhance ‘brain readiness’ for social training, maximizing the benefits of evidence-based behavioral interventions. Children who might otherwise be reluctant to enter a social situation often feel comfortable interacting with a robot, which is more predictable and nonjudgmental.”

You can read the full article from Spectrum.

While our Center does not have robots, we do have opportunities for your child to engage with his or her peers in a social setting, practicing important skills in a comfortable environment with a licensed therapist. Our social skills groups are ideal for children and teens alike. Contact us to learn about upcoming sessions and reserve your child’s spot.