ABA Therapy for Kids in Brecksville

Young Child Learning With Adult

ABA Therapy for Your Child

Brecksville, Peak Potential Therapy is here to offer you Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy for your child. Located in Northfield, we offer solutions to help your child with autism learn in a way that fits their needs. As you know, children with autism learn differently from their peers. ABA Therapy was created to help children with autism learn in a format that is conducive for them.

About our ABA Therapy Facility

Our new facility offers a variety of special features including individual treatment rooms, a designated area for food prep and a kitchen, a sensory regulation room, a gross motor room, an art zone, and an area for parents to enjoy while their child is learning.

Besides these special areas, another thing that differentiates Peak Potential Therapy from the rest is how we teach. We see the benefit in it so we offer one-on-one instruction with a Registered Behavior Technician for each child in our ABA therapy program. Each of our ABA tutors is in the process of becoming or is already a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Having each ABA tutor become RBT certified is a big undertaking and something that not everyone does, but we see that it provides additional value for you and your child, and that’s why we do it.

Our Team Makes Us Even Better

The team at Peak Potential Therapy has the following qualifications that allow us to stand out:

  • Every ABA therapist and tutor is or will be RBT certified.
  • Each staff member is certified to perform CPR.
  • To provide immediate assistance for our staff, a BCBA is on location most of the time.
  • To best serve your child, BCBAs make continuous adjustments that will be beneficial to the programs.

Your Family’s Needs are Our Priority

To serve your family’s lifestyle, we offer flexible scheduling for ABA therapy. We don’t want you to have to disrupt your current lifestyle to get your child the assistance that they need for learning. Because of this, we are able to accommodate your child any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. To provide the most effective treatment for your child, it is recommended that they spend 20 hours per week with us. If your lifestyle includes homeschooling, we can assist you. We have plenty of resources available along with activity offerings to promote both inclusion and social interaction.

Not only is our scheduling flexible, but our curriculum is also. We know that one curriculum does not fit each child which is why we combine elements from multiple curriculums that will work best for your son or daughter. This curriculum is designed after a thorough evaluation has been conducted by a BCBA.

Brecksville, we want to help your child reach his or her peak potential, contact Peak Potential Therapy today.

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