ABA Therapy for Kids in Broadview Heights

An ABA Therapy Solution

Here at Peak Potential Therapy, we are proud to offer ABA Therapy for children with autism in Broadview Hts, Ohio.  Located in Northfield, we’re just a little ways away from Broadview Heights and we’re ready for you. Because children with autism lack some of the skills that are required to obtain and process basic information, they learn differently from their peers. Peak Potential Therapy offers ABA therapy which was created to address these differences in learning and create a solution for learning that is catered to children with autism.

Our Facility is Perfect for ABA Therapy

Broadview Heights, we are just a short drive away from you with our location in Northfield. Our facility is special because it offers:

  • Individual treatment rooms
  • A designated kitchen and food prep area
  • A pretend play, social play, and gross motor area area
  • A sensory regulation room
  • An art area, and
  • A room for parents to stay in while their child is receiving assistance

One of the best parts of our ABA program is that each child receives one-on-one instruction from a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Each ABA tutor is a certified RBT or in the process to become one. Becoming an RBT is a lengthy process that many facilities do not require all staff to undertake. However, we see immense value in it which is why we require ABA staff members to become RBTs.

The Difference of Peak Potential Therapy Staff

Part of the reason why our ABA therapy is so highly regarded is because of our staff. Our staff has the following qualifications:

  • All ABA tutors and therapists are certified RBTs.
  • Every staff member is certified in CPR.
  • To provide assistance for our tutors/RBTs right when they need it, a BCBA is usually on-site.
  • To keep our programs as effective as possible, our BCBAs make continuous changes to programs.

We’re Here for You and Your Family

To best accommodate the needs of your family, we offer flexible time offerings. We don’t want you to be limited by our schedule which is why we can accommodate your child between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. to make sure that your family can maintain their lifestyle. Keep in mind that it is recommended that children have instruction for 20 hours per week for a full-time behavior program. With this type of time commitment, your child will be on the path to success. If you homeschool, that’s no problem! We don’t ever want you and your family to feel isolated which is why we offer resources and social interaction activities for every family.

Besides the scheduling flexibility, we also are flexible in the curriculum. Peak Potential Therapy does not believe that one curriculum is right for each child. That’s why we curate multiple curriculums to best suit your child after a comprehensive evaluation has been conducted.

We are here to help your child with autism reach his or her peak potential so set up a meet and greet by contacting Peak Potential Therapy today.

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