Speech Therapy for Stuttering

Is Your Child Stuttering or Repeating Words?

Speach Therapist Teaching Student
Is your child repeating words or phrases, or certain syllables, or prolonging them? Is he unable to pronounce, or get out, certain sounds? Some stuttering—sometimes referred to as stammering—may be natural as a young child learns to speak and is just starting to form phrases or sentences. However, when stuttering continues to worsen or is paired with facial or body movements, consider having your child evaluated by a speech-language therapist. Stuttering is a fluency disorder, which is considered something that disrupts the flow of speech. While there is no “cure” for stuttering, in most cases it can be treated through individualized speech-language therapy, designed to help children minimize the disfluency and communicate more easily and freely.

We recommend that if your child is stuttering frequently and it is hindering his or her ability to communicate with ease and without frustration, do not delay in scheduling an assessment with a speech-language therapist.

Contact Peak Potential Therapy for speech therapy services for your child in the Northeast Ohio area. We address issues like stuttering as well as oral motor and sensory problems, an inability to pronounce sounds correctly, or an inability to speak or make sounds. We offer speech-language therapy services at our Center in Northfield, in your home within a certain distance, as well as online for residents of Ohio.

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