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We know that it is saddening to watch your child struggle with a speech issue. You want to help them so that they don’t have to struggle with communication problems. Turn to Peak Potential Therapy – we can provide the help that your child needs. If your child has difficulty communicating messages verbally, stutters, or has difficulty making sounds, along with other speech issues or eating issues, speech-language therapy and our other services may be able to help. Akron, Peak Potential Therapy in Northfield is the perfect place for you and your child.

Peak Potential Therapy’s Speech-Language Therapy

Our speech-language therapy solutions are proven to be effective based on the results of past clients. Additionally, we keep progress-detailing records throughout your journey with us. These extensive records can be used as a way to justify costs when completing an application for reimbursement. With our speech-language therapy, we are pleased to offer different locations for treatment. We offer it in our Northfield location which is just a short drive from Akron, at home in Akron within a certain distance, and online for residents of Ohio only.

Our Online Tool is a Great Place to Start

Thinking that your child may not be where they should be for speech and language skills? Try one of our self-screening tools to determine if your child is doing well or if you should come in for a formal assessment of skills. If your child is between the ages of 12 months and 5 years old, head online and see if they are where they should be. These quizzes are a simple way to self-evaluate. A formal assessment is conducted by a therapist and is a much more thorough form of evaluation.

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No matter what your child’s language issue is, we have the solution. There’s no sense in waiting any longer to get your child the help that they need with their communication problems. Peak Potential Therapy is here for you with the flexibility that you need!

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