Speech-Language Therapy for Kids in Aurora

Child Sounding Out Words With Instructor

Aurora Uses Peak Potential Therapy

Aurora, Peak Potential Therapy in Northfield is here for you for all of your speech-language therapy needs. If you child has communication skills problems like stuttering, difficulty making certain sounds or communicating messages verbally, speech-language therapy may work for him or her. We want to help your child improve their communication skills and alleviate the pain of having difficulty communicating. We can also assist with eating issues. With our new center that’s just a short distance from Aurora, we are ready to assist your child.

How Peak Potential Therapy Does Speech-Language Therapy

Our speech-language services have proven to be effective across Northeast Ohio. We use our therapy to improve your child’s skills and confidence. We keep extensive records from the initial evaluation to discharge that both show progress and help to justify costs when requesting reimbursement. Our services are not just available in our office, they are also available online for residents of Ohio and at home in Aurora within a certain distance.

Check Out Our Online Tool

If you are not sure about where your child is and where they should be speech-wise, you should try our self-evaluation tools. This is a useful tool for determining whether or not you should come to us for a formal evaluation of your child’s skills. This tool is only a simple one for self-screening purposes. A formal assessment provides much more detail. There are a variety of screening tools available depending on your child’s age. Evaluations are available for children 12 months through 5 years of age.

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Whether it be at your home, at our facility, or online, Peak Potential Therapy can provide the solution your child needs to help them gain the speech and language skills they need. Schedule your child’s speech-language therapy session today!

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