Speech-Language Therapy for Kids in Brecksville

Brecksville Trusts Peak Potential for Therapy Solutions that Work

Does your son or daughter have a hard time with communication skills? For example, do they have difficulty making certain sounds, stuttering, or difficulty with communicating a message verbally? They could be benefited by speech-language therapy. Here at Peak Potential Therapy, we can help with that. We can also help with your child’s eating issues. We want to see your child grow and gain confidence in communication skills. Streetsboro, Peak Potential Therapy in Northfield is the place for your child.

The Details on Peak Potential’s Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy is a proven way to help your child overcome their communication issues. Peak Potential Therapy keeps detailed records from the beginning to the very end of your journey. These records assist you in cost justification when asking for reimbursement. They also show the progress that is made by your child. If you’re thinking speech-language therapy would benefit your child, reach out to us – we offer solutions in our Northfield location, online for residents of Ohio, and at home in Brecksville within a certain distance.

Our Online Screening Tool Will Get You Started

Are you unsure of whether or not your child may need speech-language therapy? Evaluate their skills with our online self-screening tool. The results of this will tell you whether or not you should come in for a formal assessment of your child’s skills. If your child is between the ages of 12 months and 5 years, there are self-evaluations available. This online tool provides a simple self-screening mechanism while a formal assessment is a diagnostic tool conducted by a therapist.

Get Your Child Started with Speech-Language Therapy Today

Brecksville, it’s time to get your child the speech and language help they need. Speech-language therapy at Peak Potential Therapy could be just what your child needs to succeed. Contact Peak Potential Therapy today!

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