Speech-Language Therapy for Kids In Northfield

Peak Potential Therapy is a Resource in Northfield

Is your child struggling with communication skills like making sounds or communicating messages verbally? Does your child battle speech and fluency due to issues with stuttering? Speech issues come in many forms, and Peak Potential has speech-therapy strategies to tackle every one of them. We are also able to help with eating issues. Our neighbors in Northfield have been coming to us for years because they know that we have a great staff of therapists in the area to help their children thrive. And with our all new therapy center, located at 7689 Sagamore Hills Blvd., in Northfield, we’re better equipped than ever to help your child reach his or her Peak Potential!

How Does Speech-Language Therapy Work?

We’ve seen the results for children not only in Northfield, but all over Northeast Ohio, and we know that speech-language therapy can vastly improve your child’s skill set. Our speech-language therapists keep records on the initial evaluation, progress and discharge of clients. This helps pinpoint problems, track client progress, and justify the cost of treatment when applying for reimbursement. We can provide speech-language therapy services at our Center in Northfield, in-home within a certain distance and online for any Ohio resident.

Get Started with Our Online Screening Tool

Complete an age-specific questionnaire to get a better idea of your child’s abilities and to help determine if a formal evaluation of your child’s speech and language is needed. We have speech-language screening quizzes available for toddlers and children ages 12 months, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old. These quizzes are intended to be a simple self-screening tool while a formal evaluation is conducted by a therapist and provides far greater depth.

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Our speech-language therapy program serves children at our facility, at home in or even online. So what are you waiting for? The help your child needs to discover a whole new world is waiting for them right here at Peak Potential Therapy!

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