Speech-Language Therapy for Kids in Solon

Peak Potential is a Speech Therapy Option near Solon

It’s not always easy to find a speech therapy center that you can trust. There are many options, but not every center is a good fit. For residents of Solon, Peak Potential Therapy delivers the type of experience you and your child have been looking for, and we are ready to help our clients improve the skills they need to enjoy the world around them.

Does your child have trouble with communication skills? This could be a problem with communicating messages verbally, making sounds, stuttering, or other speech-language issues. If your child has problems with any of these or has eating issues, speech-language therapy along with our other services may be a good option for addressing these issues and helping your child to communicate better. If you’re in Solon, our new facility in Northfield is a great option for your child.

The Details on Speech-Language Therapy

Our results show that our speech-language therapy is an effective way to help your child overcome communication issues. Our therapists do an excellent job of keeping records. The record keeping starts with the initial evaluation, tracks all of the client’s progress, and is maintained through client discharge. Our thorough records are useful when applying for reimbursement to justify the cost of treatment. Our treatment solutions are available at our Northfield center, in-home in Solon within a certain distance, and online for Ohio residents.

Try Our Online Tool

To get a good idea of your child’s speech and language skills, check out our online self-screening tool. These tools are age-specific ranging from children ages 12 months to 5 years. This is a simple self-screening tool that provides a way for you to see whether or not you should come in for a formal evaluation.

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Our speech-language therapy program can help your child no matter what communication problem they are facing. Help your child gain speech and language skills and boost their confidence. Get in touch with Peak Potential Therapy today!

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