Should I Vaccinate My Child: Making an Informed Decision

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There is perhaps no more parenting topic more debated at this moment than vaccination. For parents, with so many conflicting news stories swirling, it can be hard to answer that question: Should I vaccinate my child? At Peak Potential Therapy, we discuss this question with parents and families regularly. We believe the best decision you can make for your child is one that is well-informed.
We encourage you to do your own research with an open mind before making your own decision of whether or not to vaccinate. As we understand the sheer volume of opinions and perspectives on this topic can be overwhelming, particularly for a new parent, we want to share just a few links that may provide some insights on the topic.

In addition, the chart from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention demonstrates how recommended immunizations have increased in the United States:


If you would like additional resources to help you make an informed decision, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Peak Potential Therapy.