Speech Therapy for Kids with Asperger’s

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If your child has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and is highly verbal, then the last thing you might be thinking about is speech therapy.  What you may not know is that speech therapy can be helpful for kids who have Asperger’s with other challenges that are posed in effective communications.  Here are just a few reasons to consider speech therapy if you live in the Twinsburg or Hudson areas:

  • Speech therapy can help teach non-concrete speech references.  The English language is filled with many idioms and patterns of speech that may be extremely confusing to kids with Asperger’s.  Simple comments may lead to frustration for kids who take things very literally.  Working with a speech therapist can decode some of these language challenges for kids, giving them relief from frustration.
  • Speech therapy can assist with social skills development. Since speech is one of the primary ways that kids interact in a social setting, working on developing those skills can make all the difference in daily life.  Speech therapists can work on helping kids understand appropriate language usage and how it can change depending on the circumstance.
  • Speech therapy can help with clear speech patterns.  While many kids with Asperger’s autism are very verbal, they may have challenges with articulation.  Being able to speak clearly will give kids the confidence they need in working with others.  Working with a speech therapist can hone their speaking skills and help them relate to others.

Would you like to learn more about how a speech therapist can help your special needs child with their social skills?  Contact Peak Potential Therapy today to speak to one of our friendly, expert staff members.