Traveling with Special Needs Kids for the Holidays

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Are you ready for the holidays?  Do your plans include traveling to another city with your family and your special needs child?  If so, there are many things that you can do to ensure that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible.

Traveling with a special needs child requires a bit more preparation than would normally be required.  This is especially true if you are flying.  Flying during the holidays can be challenging enough, but with a little planning ahead, you can make the travel time much easier.  The first place to start is by calling the airline and letting them know that you will be traveling with a child that has special needs.  You can follow up by emailing or faxing them a one page summary of your child’s diagnosis, their medication needs or allergies and how they best communicate.  The airline can assist you with making any special arrangements once they have this information.

On the day of travel, make sure that your child has identification on them.  From tags you can attach to their shoe laces to necklaces or a bracelet, having some form of identification is critical in case they get separated from your family.  If your child has a cell phone, you can call the carrier to ask that the GPS locator is turned on.

Packing a special bag for the child while they are traveling is also helpful.  A backpack or carry-on bag can contain items that make them feel comfortable and secure, such as a favorite pillow, blanket or toy.  Bringing books or electronic devices with headphones or earbuds can be helpful during waiting times or to drown out too much noise.  Adding favorite snacks and drinks can quickly take care of hungers without exposing them to new foods.

Traveling with a child with special needs just requires a bit more planning than normal.  From chatting with the airline to packing special toys, you can make the travel with your child an enjoyable process.  For more tips on travel, please call the Peak Potential Therapy office today to speak to one of our supportive therapists.  Call now!