When Talking is Taxing…

Therapies and Resources for Children with Autism & Families

If it is exhausting for your child to make their needs known, it may be time to consider individualized speech therapy.
If your child is struggling to communicate their needs and feelings and is not succeeding, then you can sense their deep frustration. No parent wants to see their child upset and unhappy especially when all they are trying to do is communicate. And, speech skills are critical. Having good speech skills not only contributes to personal confidence, but to success at home and at school.Feedback Dice

Making gains in speech skills is possible. The expert speech therapists at Peak Potential Therapy spend time understanding your child and evaluating their current speech level. Can your child make speech sounds? Can they make speech sounds, but not clearly? Are they having trouble understanding and producing language? Are they having rhythm and fluency issues? After evaluation, our caring therapists will work with you and your child in your own home to create improvements in those specific areas.

Communication doesn’t have to be hard for your child. Let the speech therapy professionals at Peak Potential Therapy assist your child right in your own home. You’ll be delighted to see the progress that your child can make.