Will Speech Therapy for Kids Benefit My Child?

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Preschoolers can develop at different rates depending on their brain function and overall maturity.  Knowing if your child is developing at the rate that they should be can be a confusing and daunting issue, especially if you are concerned about their ability to speak and communicate well.  How can you know if speech therapy for kids is right for your child?  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Can you understand most of what they are saying?  For preschoolers, you should be able to understand most of what they are saying, unless they are attempting to say a new word or phrase.  You should see a general improvement in their language skills over time.  If they aren’t speaking very much, then it is time to schedule a visit with your pediatrician. Many times there is a simple reason, such as a hearing deficiency, that can make an almost immediate change in the situation.
  • Do they repeat what you say instead of answering?  If you find that your preschooler is repeating what you say instead of actually answering their question and this is a regular occurrence, that is another warning sign.  Called echolalia, this repeating of the question can indicate that there is something else going on, such as the early signs of autism.  Remember that the more quickly you respond by getting your child evaluated, the sooner your child can get help that will make a difference for them.  Autism speech therapy can help.
  • Are they having a hard time with pronouns or gender?  Children sometimes have a hard time understanding proper pronoun use or get genders confused.  This can be rapidly solved by a qualified speech therapist who can quickly identify the issue and teach your child what they need to know about language.

Overall, the best advice is to bring all of your language questions to a qualified children’s speech therapist or pediatrician who can evaluate your child and assist you in determining what services may or may not be needed to keep your preschooler on track.  Call Peak Potential Therapy today for a complementary evaluation of your child or to speak to one of our professional, friendly speech therapists.  Call now!