Worried About Wandering at School?

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For kids with special needs, wandering can be a real and life threatening issue.  While they may not realize they are in danger, the proximity of a school to busy intersections, strangers and cities can pose a threat to kids that they simply aren’t aware exists.  There are ways you can prevent wandering in the school atmosphere.

First, make sure your school knows that wandering can be an issue for your child.  This is critical information to include in everything from your child’s IEP to any communication with your school.  In fact, it may be prudent to write a separate letter to your school indicating that you are concerned that your child may accidentally wander off and ask that you not only be notified of your child’s behavior if this should happen, but request that your child not be left alone for any reason.  Attaching a copy of an article on wandering in special needs children will help them to be aware of the seriousness of your child’s issue and help you to enlist their cooperation.

In communicating with the school, talk with them in person about the dangers of wandering and help them to understand where your child has gone in the past.  If your child is fascinated by rocks, shiny objects or birds, as an example, helping the school officials to understand that those things may increase the likelihood of a wandering issue will help to protect your child.

One of the best ways to protect your child is to walk around the building and the school grounds and note things that you believe would attract your child as well as noting any hazards.  While many kids love the water, falling into a pond can cause a tragedy that no school official or parent would want to ever happen.  By walking around the property, you can alert your school officials to areas that may be an issue for your child or others.

Lastly, take the time to introduce your child to the security present at your school.  Provide them with a picture as well as information on how to approach your child and keep them calm.  This information can also be provided to local law enforcement in case your child wanders off campus.

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