Worried Your Toddler Has Autism?

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If you are the parent of a toddler, then you are probably watching your child carefully for developmental markers.  While each child hits their milestones at a different rate, if you believe there is something preventing your toddler from advancing, then you might be concerned about autism.

There are signs of autism that can emerge relatively early in a child’s life.  While only a physician or other medical professional can make an accurate diagnosis, there are a few occurrences that might suggest that a trip to the pediatrician would be wise.  One sign to look carefully for is if your child is having challenges in communicating with other children and adults.  If you see your child trying hard to accomplish a task, but not looking for other people to step in to assist, that may be a sign that they need to be evaluated.

Another concern may arise if your child doesn’t use toys as they were designed.  While every child can find unique ways to play with toys, they should have an understanding of how the toy was meant to be used.  If you give your child a toy car and they try to color with it that may signal a problem that is worth chatting with your pediatrician about.

How is their eye contact?  If your child has challenges with eye contact and communication, that can be a source of concern.  Toddlers should look to their parents and follow their facial expression.  They may also look to other children to communicate.  If they do not it can be a sign of issues with development.

Limited communication is another signal that an evaluation is in order.  Toddlers who have autism have a limited amount of words in comparison with their peers.  This can be diagnosed by a speech pathologist or therapist.  Therapies can help with communication issues over the long term.

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